Monday, September 5, 2011

Maccabee Lager Beer

Maccabee Lager Beer
Type of beer: Lager
Container Type: 500 mL can
Alcohol by volume: 5.00%
Country of origin: Israel
Rating: 23% (see below)
Number of times I've had this beer: 1st
Drank From: Glass
Best for: being out of your element
Taste: 5/20
Flavour: 5/20
Buy again: 5/20
Aroma: 2/10
Satisfaction: 3/10
Complexity: 1/10
Intangible: 2/10
Handwritten notes: This is nearly flavourless, even more so than an American macro light. Only a lingering sour tinge of honey saves it from being vomited off my balcony in disgust. Have I lost my sense of taste from gratuitous tobacco use? Nah, the IPA I just had was boss. This beer is just "there" like the Kool-Aid your friend's mom watered down to "cut back on the sugar". Get real.
Beer #543 of 3,652


the said...

Is that Jewish symbolism on that can of sloughed off spit piss cumwater surprise? The world's ending soon I just know it.

Bard said...

Mazel tov. The world will end when it ends, and you won't have any advance notice by reading crazy shit into beer can labels and commenting on blogs while high on mushrooms, weed, and creme de menthe. Just look at the sky. Every time you don't see a mushroom cloud, it's a good day.